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Hey there everyone! My name is Ly and I’m a cosplayer, as you can see. I go to between 5-7 cons a year, and I’ve cosplayed such characters as Lemongrab from Adventure Time, Mycroft Holmes from BBC Sherlock, Sucre from OFF, A.J. Crowley form Good Omens, Dead!Wash from Serenity, Fem!9 from Doctor Who, and of course, my most well know cosplay, Sebastian “Basher” Moran form BBC Sherlock, a la my seb ask blog, basherforhire. As you can see, I’m pretty versatile, and when I pick a cosplay to do, I go all out. However, I find myself in a predicament. For Another Anime Con next month, I’m cosplaying Spock, and a genderbent Doctor Doom, but I need one more cosplay to complete my weekend. I obviously have a laundry list a mile long, but most of them are long term projects that need more than a month to be finished. Now, here’s where you come in: if there’s something you’d like to see me cosplay that can be reasonably done by october 17th, nows your time! Shoot me your ideas, and if there’s one that occurs more than the others, or one that particularly strikes my fancy, I’ll pick it, and I’ll give you the concept credit on my official fanpage! It can be either gender, and I’m in mos fandoms, so pretty much anything is fair game. The only stipulations are that it can’t involve too much sewing (I’m terrible at sewing, so those ones are more long term projects), and it has to be something reasonable enough that I can make it look great within a month. Please message all submissions here! YOU HAVE UNTIL SEPTEMBER 30th. GO GO GO!!

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